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Real Estate

AAP Capital provides services in real estate business both in the form of real estate brokerage and real estate investment

1 Real estate brokerage services.

We provide brokerage services

  • Rental Property, covering residential, office and industrial property.
  • Buying Real Estate. Based on the Thai law, foreigner and foreign companies cannot own property in Thailand. Unless some cases, for example, receive investment privileges from Board of Investment (BOI) or from the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). In case of foreigner, they could own a unit of condominium that belong to the less half proportion.

The services cover analyze customer needs, provide list and information of candidate properties, negotiation, financing and legal contract. For foreign companies who want to apply for investment privileges, the location is important since the privileges may differ by location. In case of foreigner who wants to own property in Thailand, they have to complyile by with the law and prepare their financing.

1.2 Real estate investment.

AAP Capital focuses on investing in real estate based on the property value not speculation. We focus on the property that has already generateds income, for example, residential or industrial property. Our services cover from originatinge the investment opportunities, investment and financial planning and property management.