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Investment Consulting

AAP Capital provides investment consulting in 3 main areas: financial consulting, Joint-venture business consulting and business appraisal services

1. Financial consulting services.

The today financial market is very connected and very volatile. We aim to provide financial consulting services to our customers to cope with this volatile market. Our services cover from financial planning and restructuring and corporate funding.

2. JV business consulting

There are many joint-venture business in Thailand but not every JV is successful. The problems range from different business opinion, lack of communication, miscommunication or even fraud. Those risks could be minimize if there is a proper business structure or an updated information about the JV. AAP Capital provides consulting services to JV business ranging from business structure and an intermediary between shareholders.

3. Service business valuation.

Investment in new business or in new countries always need a valuation. AAP Capital provide business appraisal services. Our appraisal services cover asset including land, machine and factories,. lLiabilities and stock or business valuation.