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Mr. Chakkrit Pumpaisanchai, PhD
After spendingt six years in Tokyo studying economics, Mr. Chakkrit had worked in various fields of business in order to get a hands-on economics experience. He works to bridge Japan and Thailand and to synergize both countries strengths in the field of investment, finance and real estate. Mr. Chakkrit worked at Amata Corporation, one of the largest industrial estate development in South East Asia and Kasikorn Bank, a leading bank in Thailand. He graduate with First Class Honors from Chulalongkorn University and received scholarship from Japanese government to do research, master and PhD at Hitotsubashi University.
Mr. Susumu Kitsunai, Japan CPA
Mr. Kitsunai had worked with Tohmatsu (Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu) as an auditor for many business fields based in Tokyo. After certified as a CPA in Japan, he start his own consulting firm in 2002. He came to Thailand to broaden his view and to support overseas Japanese companies in 2003 and set up Asia Alliance Partner in Thailand in 2004. In less than 7 years, his clients grow quickly to about 110 corporate customers. Mr. Kitsunai graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University and certified as a CPA in 2001.